Monday, April 2, 2012

Mazdaspeed Catback Exhaust and Corksport Single Resonated Midpipe Update

Last year I bought a Corksport midpipe in which I ran with the factory catback exhaust.  It added a deeper tone, but as I explained in a previous post from last year it also had an annoying rasp around 3k RPM that lasted til about 3500RPM when hitting it hard.  This is why I wanted to discuss the midpipe again in this post.

A local RX-8 owner told me he was trying to get rid of a Mazdaspeed Dual Canister Catback that he replaced with the Exoticspeed R1-T Catback.  I decided I would take it off his hands, since he wanted pretty cheap change for it.  Also being that I am sticking with NA power vs turbo for awhile, I wanted to stick with full 2.5" exhaust piping, which the Corksport and Mazdaspeed pair is perfect.

Started her up, and initially its louder than the stock catback (obviously).  The sound was great though, nice deep tone.  Went for some hard pulls and noticed that with the aftermarket catback, the rasp created by the midpipe was totally gone WOOT.  This rasp problem was driving me absolutely nuts before that I was looking into resonators to add a second one on.

Overall the look and sound of the exhaust is pretty much exactly what I was looking for and I am pretty happy with it.  Money wise it was a great choice considering all catbacks have very minimal gains for the RX-8.

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