Monday, March 5, 2012

Corksport Ride of the Month!

So I wanted to post a thank you to Corksport.  I was contacted by Gwynne about featuring my car as their ride of the month for February.  Gwynne also featured my girlfriends Mazda2 for September last year.

I am pretty excited my car was featured although I know my car does not have too many Corksport parts.  Unfortunately they do not support the RX-8 as much as they do other Mazdas.  But I do support their products, and we do have a lot of them on the 2.  Their customer service is also the best.

I am hoping to try out their Corksport Strut bars on my RX-8.  I will be going with a new color scheme this year on my car, and I would have to get them powder-coated but it is in the planning.

Corksport's blog entry of my car can be found here.  I have also linked their full blog on the side bar of my blog!

Big thanks to Gwynne for the opportunity, and also a thanks to Derrick and Chris as they have answered questions promptly.