Monday, August 15, 2011

Corksport Single Resonated Racepipe

UPDATE 3/11/2012:

So I was running this midpipe with the stock catback for awhile.  Recently I purchased a Mazdaspeed Catback second hand from a local RX8 owner.  The Corksport Midpipe paired with this catback is pure amazing.  The sound is super deep with zero rasp through all RPMs.

So ever since driving with aged coils and spark plugs and finally upgrading to the BHR Ignition, I started getting worried about a possible clogged Cat Converter since it is a common problem and common cause of engine failure. After doing some research I ultimately decided to go with a Catless Midpipe just to save on any future aggravation and worry. The next thing was, Which pipe do I go with?

After watching videos of multiple pipes I quickly learned that going straight pipe with not resonator was much too loud and pretty raspy too. So I was definately looking into a resonated pipe. After further research I found out a huge piece of information. The rotary engine heat just eats and blows out resonator packing, which basically means after awhile your resonator will be useless and your midpipe will sound like crap.

So this left me with two Companys that both use metal resonators with no packing material...

Black Halo Racing Single Resonated Midpipe $450
Corksport Single Resonated Midpipe $250
Corksport Dual Resonated Midpipe $350

Black Halo Racings pipe has recieved a huge amount of praise, and I have heard it in person and it is a great product. Using only one resonator, it keeps sound levels basically at a stock. The only issues in BHRs product is #1 Price, its a bit steep to say the least, and #2 their service was just way too slow. I waited 7 weeks for their ignition and I waited awhile for the midpipe then asked for a refund just because of the wait.

Corksport's pipes were a tough decision, I have always had good luck on their products with my girlfriend's Mazda2, but they do not get a lot of attention from RX8 owners, and I was unable to find one video of their midpipes except for their own which was paired with their catback exhaust. Well from reading numbers posted by them it seemed the dual resonated would be close to stock levels and their single resonated would be a few decibels louder. I decided I would give them a shot and ordered the Single Resonated.

Impressions- Well initially its a great looking pipe, nicee welds and the resonator seems good quality. Install wasn't hard except for removing the stock Cat (the 3 bolts on the header side are most likely going to be rusted to crap and are going to be a b**** to get out!) Aside from that no problems.

Right now I have the stock OEM Catback paired with this. The sound is actually really awesome, just cruising it isn't loud at all, the tone changed to a deeper tone. Cruising on the highway there is absolutely no drone either (again on stock catback). When you really hit it is when you realize you have a midpipe, the sound is louder but not cop trouble loud either and the power gain is definitely there.

Overall I am happy with my decision on the Corksport Midpipe. My only wish is, that they would provide more parts for the RX-8.

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