Monday, July 11, 2011

Stopping Power!

Brake pads on my car were beginning to wear down. I was using Hawk HPS Pads and actually really liked them, the brake dust levels were really minimal and they stopped really nicely.

This time around a friend recommended the Axxis ULT Pads, and he also mentioned upgrading to stainless lines and doing a fluid flush.

So going on his recommendation I ordered those pads along with Agency Power Stainless Steel Brake Lines and Clutch Line, and some ATE Superblue Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid.

Installation and flush were a breeze, even though you will most likely need someone to help you with the flush.

Impressions - Unfortunately I installed all these together when my previous pads were gone, so all together what an improvement, the brake pedal was really firm (probably due to air in the lines before hand) and the car stopped on the dime.

After a few days of driving however, I noticed something that I am really unhappy about. DUST!!!

These pads give off so much brake dust your wheels will go from sparkling clean to black in just a couple of days even if you do use gears to slow down your car like I do.

The Axxis Pads stop great, but for the difference in stopping power vs the Hawk HPS, I will never buy them again, unless I can hire someone to professionally detail my wheels everyday.

Something to think about!