Monday, May 16, 2011

Black Halo Racing Ignition Upgrade

If you are new with the RX-8 you will soon find out that the OEM Ignition doesn't last very long, average life is about 25-30k miles for the coils and spark plugs. OEM coils are about $50 a piece (Renesis engine uses 4) and a set of spark plugs is about $85 plus a set of new spark plug wires is around $60 also. Changing all this every 25-30k miles will get extremely costly and just annoying. Lots of people add a MSD and get good results just boosting the OEM parts.

But there is another way.... Black Halo Racing has a full plug and play ignition system that uses stronger coils and comes with full wiring harness to make for an easy installation. BHR claims this system will last 100k miles with no maintenance which is a lot more like it. The kit prices in at $499 which seems expensive but if you add the amount of money your going to spend on OEM replacements its a no brainer.

Impressions: Well right away I noticed how smooth the engine revs are. Revving all the way to redline just felt smooth as butter with no engine stress. I took it for a quick ride on the highway and the overall power felt much better. After about 5 tanks of gas I have also noticed a gain in gas mileage. Definitely extremely happy with this mod, matter of fact it is the best thing I have done to this car so far!