Sunday, April 3, 2011

TEIN + Enkei + Toyo

So last year I lowered the car on Tein S-Tech Springs. For the most part I love them. Obviously I would love to be on a coilover system but it is currently out of the budget for now. The Teins lower the car to a perfect height in my opinion and I love the fact that is lowers the front about a half inch more than the rear as the stock ride height has the front higher than the rear which looked awkward.

The wheels and tires i bought second hand off a local RX-8 owner who ended up going a different route with wheels and tires for his race setup. I ended up getting a great deal on wheels that are in mint condition and tires that have a huge amount of tread left.

The wheels are Enkei RP03 which are a lightweight racing wheel. they are 18x9 with a 40 offset, so the stance is really desirable. The tires are Toyo Proxes R1R 265/35/18, they are definitely a bit overkill for everyday street driving. The response and handling on these tires are crazy and definately need to be unleashed on the track.

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