Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things Change...

So its been awhile since I've posted anything in this blog. Since last time I have changed alot of things on the car, added stuff as well as removing stuff.

First off, I got rid of the AEM Intake and Exoticspeed Exhaust, i loved the combo but at the time i needed to go back to stock and make some cash for college selling them. I do plan on getting the Exoticspeed R1-T Exhaust again because I did love the tone from that exhaust, big ups to Exoticspeed on an incredible sounding exhaust!!

I also started to hate the look of my blacked out taillights so I bought a pair of stocks to put on again.

Not a great blog update especially after being away for awhile but I am using this as a filler as I have actually added a lot to the car since all this which will be in a separate post