Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Clean Meet April 25, 2009

so I went to my first annual spring clean meet which i think they are up to their 4th or 5th year now, and man was i glad i went. All the Mazda owners are wicked nice and wicked fun to hang around. Obviously being called the Spring Clean meet it was all about cleaning our cars. Josh (Altspace) took the time to show me how to use all the Poorboys Products and use the Porter Cable buffer. Unfortunately I am an idiot and didn't take any before and after pics of my car but I could definately tell a ridiculous difference in the paint finish in my car. Before I had swirls all over my paint (wicked common if you own a black car) and now they are pretty much all gone. Also the finish of my car isnt just black paint anymore...its wicked deep and is like a mirror....everything relects off the paint now.

here are some pics i took of the meet
Spring Clean Pics

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