Friday, February 20, 2009

First Post!

Well for my first post I thought I'd just talk about the RX8 since I've owned it for about a year now. My car is a 2004 Brilliant Black Base model. I bought it with 32k miles in 2008. Since then I've enjoyed the car thoroughly. I have driven multiple cars that my father and other family members have owned that are far more expensive than the 8 and I can honestly say that I enjoy the 8 the most. The other cars all had more acceleration than the 8 but none could handle or just drive as nice.

Since buying the 8, I haven't really added anything parts until recently. My girlfriend bought me the OEM foglights since the car didnt even come with those. I then bought an Apexcone 6000k HID kit which for the price works really well and havent had any problems with it.

I would rather not bore anyone with this long post with no pictures or anything. Just wanted to introduce the car and i do have some recent updates to the car that i will get some pics and post with.

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