Thursday, February 26, 2009


After a year of researching multiple exhaust systems for the RX-8 I finally went ahead and purchased the ExoticSpeed R1-T exhaust. I watched tons of videos of exhaust tones and really loved the Racing Beat, Mazdaspeed and Borla. I also loved the HKS Hi Power but I couldn't really get used to the single exhaust when the car was designed to look right with dual. I also didn't want anything really loud and I wanted a really deep sound. The Racing Beat from what I have heard is the quietest but I felt like I wasn't going to get much louder than the stock system so why go with that. I heard a video of the Exoticspeed exhaust and just loved the tone and sound it gave. I couldn't however get a sense of how loud it was, but I took the chance anyway.

The exhaust is by far the best looking exhaust ive seen. The install was a pain to be completely honest. Ive installed exhausts before but they were single exhausts not dual so maybe that was my problem but getting this thing to fit the stock hanger spots was very difficult.

At idle its not too loud at all just has a deep lil rumble to it. Sitting in neutral revving is definately a bit loud. Actually driving the car is not too loud at all and sounds great. Even my mother heard me driving away and commented on how nice the car sounded and she has always hated aftermarket exhausts. Ive driven by a couple of cops sitting at the side of the road and the sound isn't loud enough to catch there attention.

All said and done I really like the choice i made and would make the same choice if I had to. The only thing that stinks is aftermarket exhausts all sound very loud on the inside of the RX8 and everything rattles once your at about 5k Rpm. But a lil sound deadener should fix all of that

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