Friday, February 20, 2009

AEM Cold Air Intake

I was never really looking into getting an intake anytime soon for the RX-8 considering they are pricey and really don't add much except for sound and maybe a few HP, but a local was selling his AEM intake almost brand new for a great price that I couldn't really refuse.

Install was a bit of a pain but not hard. Removal of the front bumper was a must along with the front bumper reinforcement bar. The intake looks pretty good in the engine bay (personally not the color i would have chosen) and it snakes down and the filter sits right behind the front bumper grill to suck in the cool air.

After the install i took it for a spin. As far as horsepower probably not much, but it did add some throttle response and added a great throaty sound. Still has the rotary sound but just alot deeper and aggressive.

Is it worth almost $400 brand new? To me personally probably not but everyone has their opinions.

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